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           ReGena-Vet Laboratories, LLC was incorporated in Davis, CA in 2008 to rapidly implement regenerative medical technology and cytotherapeutics into veterinary medicine. ReGena-Vet personnel have been working with adult bone marrow stem cells since 2000. As shown in the photos below, the Laboratory occupies approximately 900 sq ft of modern medical laboratory space located in a health offices complex. In this space, we have tissue culture facilities, a surgery suite equipped with gas anesthesia and patient monitoring equipment, an animal treatment room, an office area as well as a reception area. All of the equipment necessary for the collection and administration of bone marrow cells from patients and donor dogs is available at this site.

           In addition, to our excellent facilities, we developed several proprietary methods for bone marrow collection that are available for each patient depending on the number of bone marrow cells required to treat that patient’s disease. Our unique collection and cell processing techniques give ReGena-Vet Labs a unique position in the emerging field of veterinary cytotherapeutics.

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