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What are Your Pet’s Treatment Options?

           So, your pet has been diagnosed with a terminal disease. What are your treatment options? At Regena-Vet, your pet’s quality of life is our most important consideration. If your pet has a disease that may benefit from stem cell therapy, we feel it is better to try a novel treatment where the outcome is promising rather than let the disease progress to an unpleasant outcome. We believe every patient deserves a chance or that “Doing Something” is better than “Doing Nothing”. We do recognize that sometimes “Doing Nothing” can be better

than “Doing Something” if that “Something” is painful, expensive or diminishes your pet’s quality of life. With this in mind, we have developed treatment protocols that have the best chance of success, are well tolerated, minimally invasive, and are the least disruptive to your pet’s quality of life. In these  cases, one needs to examine their personal beliefs to arrive at the optimal treatment plan for their pet and themselves. ReGena-Vet personnel can provide information and support in these difficult situations.

           Stem cells or MSCs are not “magic bullets”, but they can prolong life or be life saving in selected diseases. As in the diagram above, there are four possible outcomes for you pet:

· Outcome 1-”Do Nothing”– natural progression of the disease; magenta line

· Outcome 2-”Do Something”-benefit from MSCs, progress of the disease is arrested; green line

· Outcome 3-”Do Something”-benefit from MSCs, disease is reversed and patient improves; blue line

· Outcome 4-”Do Something”-no benefit from MSCs and patient has an adverse reaction; purple line