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What is required to Participate?

           For participation in our trials, your pet must have a disease that RGVL is currently studying or intends to study. Ideally, they will free of other diseases so that effects of the stem cell treatment can be evaluated without confounding variables. In addition, the stage of the disease can sometimes be critical. If the animal is not very far along, then it will be difficult to prove that the patient had a beneficial response to stem cell therapy. Most of the diseases that we are currently investigating are terminal in nature (e.g. they are one-way streets and will only get worse) so the stage may not be a problem. On the other hand, if the animal is too far along in the disease process, the stem cells may not help. Our early results suggest that MSCs are more effective in early stages of the target diseases than at later stages.

           If your pet has a disease that ReGena-Vet Labs is investigating and is at a stage where the patient is likely to benefit from stem cell therapy, ReGena-Vet personnel will discuss  your specific treatment options with you. Collectively, we may elect to use autologous (collecting cells from the patient) or use allogeneic (cells collected from donor animals) depending what we believe is best for your pet.  The benefits and risks of each will be discussed with you in detail and we will reach a mutual agreement before we proceed.

           Our method of bone marrow collection requires surgical preparation (clipping) of the collection sites, general anesthesia (usually a brief using gas-anesthesia) and collection of the bone marrow using our proprietary methods. This is done on “out-patient”