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March 1st, as indicated by the red dashed arrow. Most dogs with DCM are euthanized for humanitarian reasons when the FS falls below 10%. Following treatment with stem cells, this dog’s fractional shortening increased to above 20%. His FS remained elevated between 18 to 20% for over a year without the need for additional therapeutic drugs.

           These results are very encouraging and are similar to “Outcome 3” in Treatment Options. Other dogs have not been as successful; but all have shown signs of improvement in activity and/or cardiac parameters following stem cell treatment. But we will need to treat many more dogs to confirm that this is an effective treatment for DCM.  Since the laboratory animal models also demonstrate similar results, it seems likely that we are on a correct path toward an effective treatment of DCM. We are very optimistic that adult bone marrow stem cells might be the first effective treatment for DCM. However, it is emphasized that this is a research project and not yet ‘standard of care’ in veterinary medicine.

Text Box: 	If you have a Dobe with DCM, consider contacting Dr. Vulliet at 530-902-9006 or for enrollment in our ongoing clinical trials. We prefer to do the treatments in Davis or they can be done in collaboration with your local veterinarian. This research is for the benefit of your dog and the Doberman Pinscher breed. We need to find a cure for this horrible insidious disease and much more research is necessary. 
If you would like to contribute to this research effort, please contact ReGena-Vet Labs.

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