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†††††††††† Methods for the collection of bone marrow, isolation and growth of adult bone marrow stem cells (MSCs) will be explained by ReGena-Vet personnel. The prices below are based on our costs to perform the procedures or on the growth of cells from sterile samples delivered to ReGena-Vet Labs. Payment is due upon receipt. Yields from bone marrow samples vary greatly in number and quality of cells, even when collected from the same patient at different sites. Collection methods, shipping conditions, quality of storage, and many other factors also affect the yield of MSCs. In addition, age and health of the animal also have a major impact on the recovery of stem cells.

†††††††††† We do our best to insure sample integrity and optimal growth from your clientís/petís valuable samples. However, due to patient to patient variation, we can only tell you what we expect based on previous results and keep you advised of the cellís growth status as we proceed. If the sample is contaminated or un-useable, processing will stop immediately, and the client charged a modest processing fee ($125).

Text Box: If you have a patient that might be qualified for an enrollment in an ongoing clinical trial, please contact us. Your petís treatment might be qualified for support from ReGena-Vet Labs. 
	Special considerations may apply to patients that meet the inclusion criteria  and are enrolled in our  clinical trials. If ReGena-Vet Labs provides significant material support for a patient, then permission for ReGena-Vet Labs to necropsy that patient at their discretion and expense is assumed.




1.† Growth of bone marrow stem cells from 2 X 4 ml BM samples collected by referring veterinarian for autologous therapy

$† 500

2.† Collection of two bone marrow samples at ReGena-Vet (a single aspiration at two sites, requires a brief anesthesia, available by appointment only)

$† 250

3.† Large scale collection of bone marrow for autologous therapy (requires general anesthesia, by appointment only)


4.† Infusion of stem cells in patient at ReGena-Vet

$† 200

5.† Growth of a Standard Dose* of Stem Cells from stored BM sample

$† 800

6.† Preparation of a Half-Dose* of Allogeneic MSCs

$† 500

7.† Preparation of a Standard Dose* Allogeneic MSCs

$† 800

8.† Preparation of a Standard Dose and Half* of Allogeneic MSCs

$† 900


*A Standard Dose is approximately 100 million cells