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going to be euthanized the day following our initial contact with the owners. They agreed to delay the euthanasia to let us try stem cell treatments. At the time, the dog would seizure 4 to 5 times a day, suffered from extremely anxiety, would hide in a closet and had a severe loss of motor control. Boots had a pre-treatment evaluation by a veterinary neurologist. Her final comment following the exam was “this dog needs to be euthanized. It is inhumane to keep a dog alive that is suffering this much.” Eight months later, Boots is still with us, not suffering, and is an acceptable pet following treatment with MSCs. We have had similar results in other less severely affected TTs.


           We are very interested in treating additional forms of NCL that occur in many other pure-bred dogs. If you have a dog diagnoses with an NCL, contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your treatment options.

diminished with onset of symptoms. The PLR appears to improve following treatment in NCL dogs. We are currently testing if PLR can be used as an objective measure to evaluate response to therapy.

                         Boots was the second TT treated (shown right). Because of the severity of her symptoms, Boots was originally 

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