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basis and the patient usually goes home that afternoon with minimal restrictions.

           The bone marrow is processed and placed under selective growth conditions which amplify the bone marrow stem cells nearly a million-fold. This takes about ten days to two weeks. Following amplification and harvesting, the cells can be used immediately or stored in liquid nitrogen for later use. The administration of the cells is usually well tolerated and involves placing an intravenous catheter and starting an IV drip similar to that done daily at most veterinary practices. Once a line is established, the cells are injected into the flowing catheter. Treatment takes about three hours.

           On the right is a picture of cat being administered MSCs. She is purring the whole time during the cell infusion. Our treatments rely on the homing properties of these therapeutic cells. As has been shown in many laboratory animal studies and in the figure 3 of the DCM section, these cells selectively migrate to damage tissues to repair the tissue damage. We have treated over fifty dogs and cats and have identified most of the complications that occur following MSC administration. Remember, no medical procedure, even taking an aspirin, is without risks. These will be discussed with you before enrolling your pet in our trials. We will not perform any procedure that is not in the patient’s best interest. In general, our treatments are well tolerated by most of our patients or we would  not do them.

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