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Grown in the Central Valley of California, Ricky and Miguel's plums, peaches, and Persimmons are available in limited quantities, distributed in the San Francisco Bay area by Carcione's Fresh Produce and in other areas by All-Pro Marketing.

We had our contest during the Fall of 2000 to win a box of Fuyu persimmons. To enter, the contestant had to merely e-mail me at the address below ( with the word "contest" in the subject area. We just wanted to see what the response would be to such a contest (Contest was limited to residents of the US and Canada). The Contest ended on November 10, 2000. The winner was Yolanda W. of Madera, CA. I would like to thank all of those that entered. E-mail me and let me know what you think of another contest like this.

Miguel (that's me) grows Santa Rosa plums, Babcock Peaches, and Fuyu Persimmons in Reedley.

Ricky (That's a long time friend of mine, by the way girls he is single) grows Red Beaut plums, Black Amber plums, Catalina plums, Nubiana plums, Kelsey plums, Cassleman plums, and Fuyu persimmons in Parlier. The Shari Red nectarine trees have been grafted to Babcock peaches. Harvesting of those trees may start as early as next year.

Since we are both involved in the teaching biz (small time farmers need that extra income), we thought it might be interesting, and of some educational value, to have a site that shows some of the plums progressing from blossom to ripe fruit.

[ February 28th ]
[ March 23 ]
[ May 19 ]
[ Santa Rosa ]
[ Red Beaut ]
Orchard in Bloom
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Santa Rosa orchard in May
A green Santa Rosa plum in May
Unripe Red Beaut plums in May
June Varieties
[ Red Beaut ]
[ Santa Rosa ]
Ripe Red Beaut plums
Ripe Santa Rosa plums
August Varieties
[ Kelsey ]
[ Cassleman ]
Kelsey Plum
Kessleman Plum

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